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Congratulations to our very first “Featured Merchant” Suicycle Clothing!

April 6, 2010

Congratulations to our very first “Featured Merchant” Suicycle Clothing!  The purpose of the Featured Merchant program is to introduce some of our merchants to each other and to help raise public exposure.  The hope is that this will benefit the Featured Merchant with publicity and possibly increased sales, and also to give the public a peek into the family that is PrintMojo.

Suicycle has been with PrintMojo since September of 2007.

Suicycle Clothing is an action sports lifestyle apparel company that says, “Nail that next big trick on your bike, on your board, or in your life.”  Everything from their name and logo to the gear they offer is all about keeping a high level of energy and pushing yourself to be greater than you were before… and maybe the greatest that ever was.

When we asked Suicycle about the inspiration for the shirts they sell they told us:

The guys that started our company both have a lot of love for action sports.  Personally they’ve ridden bikes, snowboarded, skydived, and generally put everything on the line when they go big.  We wanted to capture the essence of that with the graphics we created.  Our primary logo, which you can read more about on your website (, includes our high-energy (and sometimes controversial) name, the helmet (you got to use your head), and the fire (nothing but passion drives us, baby.)

If you would like to know more about Suicycle Clothing, or would like to contact them directly please visit their website, which is integrated with their PrintMojo store at  There you can sign up for their mailing list, get updates about the latest Suicycle happenings, read about their name and logo, let them know what is on your mind and of course check out their full product line.  They even offer a discount on gear just for signing up for the mailing list. or

Would you like to be a featured merchant?  Fill out our questionnaire here:

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