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Kate’s Korner – Favorite Hoodie

April 14, 2010

Wanted to share a quick story with you because it made me laugh.

My brother was visiting us this weekend and needed to go out to the car for something. It was cold and rainy so he started looking around for something warm to throw on before he went outside. My family were all hanging out in the living room.

Brother – “What’s this?” He grabbed my Robot Penguin Hoodie from the back of the couch (it is my *favorite* and I wear it all the time) and pulled it on. “Ohhh, this is nice and soft and warm!”

Husband – “Yeah, sometimes when your sister is asleep and I want to go out and sit in the gazebo I sneak it out and wear it … only I’ve never told her that …”

Me – “What?! That’s my favorite hoodie!” (mock outrage) then I just started laughing … he’s been “sneaking” my hoodie. Guess what he’s getting for his next gift? 🙂

I LOVE my Robot Penguin hoodie.

Thanks Donkeyshines.

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