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Newish PrintMojo features: multiple product images, Google Analytics tracking, custom receipt text and more

April 27, 2010

I just wanted to take a second to show a few of the newer features that have been added to PrintMojo within the past few months.

Multiple Product Images

You can now upload multiple product images to have them shown in your PrintMojo store to help your customers sell the different sides and details in your product. You did know you can use your own custom product photography in your store, right 🙂 Here’s a video showing how it looks:

Google Analytics Tracking

We’ve added the ability to track the traffic and other important marketing statistics in your PrintMojo store via Google Analytics.

Custom Continue Shopping URL

For those of you who have your stores hosted offsite on your own domain name (using our free mojostore.php script that we provide), you can now add a custom “continue shopping” URL that will show up on the shopping cart page in your PrintMojo store that can lead customers back to your website to keep shopping there.

Custom Receipt Text

For an added level of personalization and branding, you can now add your own custom text to the automatic order transaction receipts that the customer receives when they make a purchase through your PrintMojo powered store. This is a great area to thank the customer for shopping and possibly link to your website where they can learn more about your business, community or organization.

Head on over to the “Site Setup” area in the PrintMojo dashboard to setup these new features.

Google Analytics, Continue Shopping, Custom Receipt Text

Google Analytics, Continue Shopping, Custom Receipt Text

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