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Kate’s Korner – rambling

May 14, 2010

You know, it has been one of “those” weeks. 🙂 I have been brainstorming all week for a good blog topic and just haven’t been able to pull it together.

I started to write about re-purposing t-shirts, but I want to *do* some of those projects and have pictures. Then I started to write a “helpful hints for first time buyers … sellers …???” Things our sales people wish you knew … that’s it. Boy was I unhappy with that one!

I think that maybe the trouble is that it’s Spring, approaching Summer. I mentioned a week or two ago that we’d been having some really erratic weather. Well, this week has been gorgeous! It’s been warm and sunny and not too windy … the kind of weather to make you want to be outside.

I guess that means it’s almost time to pack away the hoodies and bust out the t-shirts and tank-tops. I have been really impressed with some of the newer “fashion” oriented t-shirts that are popular right now, but I tend to feel that for a “thin” t-shirt, even though it is soft and comfy, that they are often way over priced. That is why I am so happy to see that because of the popularity there are some less expensive alternatives showing up out there like the Port Authority “Concept” line. They even have several varieties of ladies tees.

Warm weather is a good excuse for new additions to the wardrobe, right? I’m excited to hit the retail stores just to see what fun new things are showing up there! Maybe that’s what I’ll do with my weekend. 🙂

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