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Kate’s Korner – TGIF – kids

May 21, 2010

Today is all about TGIF. I am not usually like that … I mean, I look forward to my days off just like everyone else, but I happen to like my job and so that whole “is it Friday yet?” thing isn’t usually at the top of my brain.

This week is different though. I have a daughter who has been gone to college for the last semester in San Diego – 9 hour drive away. She gets home for the summer *today*, which means I get to hug her. *s* In addition to that, my “baby” has been gone all week on a school field trip and they get back tonight. His fifth grade class took a trip to Monterey to visit the aquarium, go tide pooling and on the way home they get to go to Discovery Kingdom. I didn’t expect to miss him so much. He’s gone away on trips without me before and it hasn’t upset me the way I got upset this time.

I realized that this *Is* the first long trip that he has ever taken without a family member, however. Intellectually I know he is fine, his teachers and the other parent chaperons are all responsible and able adults. I also know that he is having a great time. My eldest son took the same trip a couple of years ago (my husband got to go as a parent chaperon that year) and still talks about how amazing and fun it was. I didn’t freak out when the older one went, but then his dad was with him.

I kind of think that was part of the problem; I am certain that my son is just fine, and in fact having a fabulous time and I am feeling a little unneeded. Plus, he’s my baby … and he’s so grown up and … I will be *very* happy when I get to hug all three of my kids – Tonight! *smile*

So yeah, today has been all about TGIF.

It’s gonna be a great weekend.

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