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Meet the man behind the Donkeyshines – Part 2

June 1, 2010

In honor of Part 2 of this fascinating insight into Donkeyshines and it’s creator, the printmojo staff had a little photo shoot. Enjoy!

PrintMojo: Where did you get the inspiration for the shirts you sell? Is there a story behind them?

Donkeyshines: I would say the inspiration for the graphic style mostly comes from the 1979 “Superman” movie. On Superman’s home planet of Krypton, we see that the “S” he wears on his chest is actually a coat of arms. Both of his parents sport that logo on all of their clothes, and other Kryptonians wear their own family crests on their clothes as well.

PM: What about that design appealed to you?

D: The graphics were all simple, one color designs that I just found appealing for some reason. Initially, I chose to do one color designs because I couldn’t afford to print multiple colors, but I eventually grew to appreciate the simplicity and crispness. As far as why I chose to only make animal designs, well, I guess I just like animals. Animals behaving strangely, that is.

PM: What fun things do you have in the works that we can look forward to in the near future?

D: I will soon be printing my Donkey Pegasus design on bamboo t-shirts. This is one of my most popular designs, and I thought it was time to upgrade it to “”super-soft””. I’m planning to do the same for the Gorilla and Duck design, but that one might take a while. For my cotton shirts, I am going to make a switch from American Apparel to Next Level Apparel because I like the fit and colors more. Both the Jesus Turtle and Dino Volleyball designs are on NLA, and I really like the look and feel of them.

I’m also thinking about becoming an astronaut.

PM: Do you have any suggestions for improving our Featured Merchant interview or experience?

D: I always like answering questions about which superpowers I would want to have, and stuff like that. In case you were wondering, I would love to have the power to turn into any animal- current or extinct. Although I guess that’s a good way to get poached.

PM: It does seem a little dangerous.

D: Maybe the power to become any animal combined with super invulnerability and healing powers would be nice. Also, I would retain human intelligence and consciousness no matter what animal I became. Otherwise, how would I know how to turn back into a human? And I would imagine that no good could come from a mindless, yet invulnerable t-rex running around town. Everyone would just have to stay out of my way until I got tired of wreckin’ stuff and decided to take a nap.

PM: Aside from dreaming up super-animals, do you have any other hobbies?

D: I am totally obsessed with exercise. I wish I could stop getting up at 5:30 AM to do handstand push-ups, but I can’t. Also, I do this sort of performance art/wrestling thing called Kaiju Big Battel (intentional spelling error). We dress up like Japanese-style monsters and fight it out in a wrestling ring. I am a giant smiling Plantain called Pedro, and also a bee/man called Dai Hache Hache. Here’s a video clip of us on ESPN’s E 60:

PM: Thanks Ryan for taking the time to talk with us. We’re probably not going to join you in the ring, but we’ll wear your shirts!

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