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Kate’s Korner – TGIF – kids

May 21, 2010

Today is all about TGIF. I am not usually like that … I mean, I look forward to my days off just like everyone else, but I happen to like my job and so that whole “is it Friday yet?” thing isn’t usually at the top of my brain.

This week is different though. I have a daughter who has been gone to college for the last semester in San Diego – 9 hour drive away. She gets home for the summer *today*, which means I get to hug her. *s* In addition to that, my “baby” has been gone all week on a school field trip and they get back tonight. His fifth grade class took a trip to Monterey to visit the aquarium, go tide pooling and on the way home they get to go to Discovery Kingdom. I didn’t expect to miss him so much. He’s gone away on trips without me before and it hasn’t upset me the way I got upset this time.

I realized that this *Is* the first long trip that he has ever taken without a family member, however. Intellectually I know he is fine, his teachers and the other parent chaperons are all responsible and able adults. I also know that he is having a great time. My eldest son took the same trip a couple of years ago (my husband got to go as a parent chaperon that year) and still talks about how amazing and fun it was. I didn’t freak out when the older one went, but then his dad was with him.

I kind of think that was part of the problem; I am certain that my son is just fine, and in fact having a fabulous time and I am feeling a little unneeded. Plus, he’s my baby … and he’s so grown up and … I will be *very* happy when I get to hug all three of my kids – Tonight! *smile*

So yeah, today has been all about TGIF.

It’s gonna be a great weekend.


Featured Merchant – Suicycle Clothing – Thanks!

May 20, 2010

As we are heading towards the wrap up of our first Featured Merchant period I’d like to just take a moment to thank Suicycle Clothing for being our very first Featured Merchant! It has been a pleasure.

Suicycle offers some great products.

Don’t forget – we still have a few shipping coupons available – $5.00 off your choice of shipping method. The coupon code is mojo416

Also you can follow Suicycle on Twitter, check out some great footage on their Youtube Channel and become a fan on Facebook!

Thanks again for supporting our Featured Merchant program. I am looking forward to getting to know more about many of our merchants in coming months!

Kate’s Korner – rambling

May 14, 2010

You know, it has been one of “those” weeks. 🙂 I have been brainstorming all week for a good blog topic and just haven’t been able to pull it together.

I started to write about re-purposing t-shirts, but I want to *do* some of those projects and have pictures. Then I started to write a “helpful hints for first time buyers … sellers …???” Things our sales people wish you knew … that’s it. Boy was I unhappy with that one!

I think that maybe the trouble is that it’s Spring, approaching Summer. I mentioned a week or two ago that we’d been having some really erratic weather. Well, this week has been gorgeous! It’s been warm and sunny and not too windy … the kind of weather to make you want to be outside.

I guess that means it’s almost time to pack away the hoodies and bust out the t-shirts and tank-tops. I have been really impressed with some of the newer “fashion” oriented t-shirts that are popular right now, but I tend to feel that for a “thin” t-shirt, even though it is soft and comfy, that they are often way over priced. That is why I am so happy to see that because of the popularity there are some less expensive alternatives showing up out there like the Port Authority “Concept” line. They even have several varieties of ladies tees.

Warm weather is a good excuse for new additions to the wardrobe, right? I’m excited to hit the retail stores just to see what fun new things are showing up there! Maybe that’s what I’ll do with my weekend. 🙂

Kate’s Korner – genericized trademark

May 7, 2010

Okay, so I know that wikipedia isn’t an infallible source of information, but …

The random things you learn!

One of our sales people today was looking for a hat with a velcro closure on the back in an online catalog and was getting no results for “velcro”. Turns out that all of the hats with that type of closure are called “hook and loop” closures.

I never really thought about it before, but of course Velcro is a brand name for a hook and loop fastener. According to wikipedia, “The Velcro brand is an example of a genericized trademark — a brand name that has become the generic term for a type of product. The Velcro company has forbidden its employees to use the term “velcro”,[11] in an effort to stop this. Instead the employees must use the generic terms “hook and loop fastener”, “hook tape”, or “loop tape”.”

Is a coke a “Coca-Cola” or any coke like soda? Do you call them Band-Aid’s or bandages? Do you walk on Astroturf or artificial turf? Do you use Bubble wrap or Inflated cushioning? Chapstick, Crock-pot, Frisbee, Hacky Sack, Hula hoop, Jacuzzi, Jeep, Jell-O, Muzak, Q-tips, Scotch tape, Sharpie, Styrofoam, Vaseline, Walkman – all great common-place examples.

I don’t really have any point here … just one of those things that made me go “Huh, that’s interesting.” 😉 Is there ever such a thing as too much exposure?

New business cards

May 3, 2010

Our new cards have arrived! Fun stuff. 🙂

Kate’s Korner – light weight sweatshirt

April 29, 2010

Lately we have been having kind of schizophrenic weather. One day it is cold and rainy and the next it is sunny and warm. When I leave the house in the morning I can’t be sure if I am going to be wishing for short sleeves or wanting a sweat-shirt.

For this kind of mild but unpredictable weather I have been opting for a blank American Apparel California hoodie (maybe that’s why it’s called a “California” hoodie?!). I really like this sweatshirt because it is warm enough to deal with wind and Spring rain, but light weight enough that I don’t feel like I need to take it off every time I warm up and then put it back on again ten minutes later.

My whole family have this sweatshirt and not only is it extremely comfortable and warm but light weight, it has also survived a whole winter of wear and tear by boys, currently aged ten and thirteen. All in all I’d say that this sweatshirt is a great option for anyone looking for a nice Spring hoodie.

Newish PrintMojo features: multiple product images, Google Analytics tracking, custom receipt text and more

April 27, 2010

I just wanted to take a second to show a few of the newer features that have been added to PrintMojo within the past few months.

Multiple Product Images

You can now upload multiple product images to have them shown in your PrintMojo store to help your customers sell the different sides and details in your product. You did know you can use your own custom product photography in your store, right 🙂 Here’s a video showing how it looks:

Google Analytics Tracking

We’ve added the ability to track the traffic and other important marketing statistics in your PrintMojo store via Google Analytics.

Custom Continue Shopping URL

For those of you who have your stores hosted offsite on your own domain name (using our free mojostore.php script that we provide), you can now add a custom “continue shopping” URL that will show up on the shopping cart page in your PrintMojo store that can lead customers back to your website to keep shopping there.

Custom Receipt Text

For an added level of personalization and branding, you can now add your own custom text to the automatic order transaction receipts that the customer receives when they make a purchase through your PrintMojo powered store. This is a great area to thank the customer for shopping and possibly link to your website where they can learn more about your business, community or organization.

Head on over to the “Site Setup” area in the PrintMojo dashboard to setup these new features.

Google Analytics, Continue Shopping, Custom Receipt Text

Google Analytics, Continue Shopping, Custom Receipt Text